Ships hit during WWI

Eugenie Fautrel

NameEugenie Fautrel
TypeSailing vessel
GRT2,212 tons
Country  French
BuilderAtel. & Chant. de la Loire, St. Nazaire
OperatorSoc. Générale d’Armement (G. Belot), Nantes
HistorySteel-hull bark.

U-boat attacks on Sailing vessel Eugenie Fautrel

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
129 Sep 1917U 60 (Karlgeorg Schuster)SunkStopped and shelled about 200 miles SW of Ushant
46° 30'N, 9° 59'W
Melbourne - Bordeaux

At noon on the 29th, Eugenie Fautrel, Captain Allée, sighted a submarine heading for him full speed and who soon started shelling the vessel with a first round of 10 shots. The french crew evacuated his ship in 3 boats and at 12:15, they were pulling off. The submarine started again to shell the Fautrel and with an extra 10 rounds, she started to sink. U 60 then headed for the boats and asked for the Captain. After having learned the usual elements (name, voyage and load), Schuster said the Captain they were free provided they sweared to never act against Germany in the future. At 10 pm, the wrecked seamen were found by the fishing vessel Cygne, taken on board and landed at Douarnenez four days later.

Position of attack on Eugenie Fautrel

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