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January 1916

The Norwegian Steamer Perth. She was hit by UC 1 on 28 Jan 1916.

This is the full listing of all ships hit during January 1916. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Ships hit by U-boats during January 1916

DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
1 Jan 1916 U 34Claus Rücker GlengyleSteamer9,395br
2 Jan 1916  Glocliffe (d.)Steamer2,211br
3 Jan 1916 k.u.k. U4Rudolf Singule Halil (p.)Sailing vessel3al
4 Jan 1916 U 34Claus Rücker CoquetSteamer4,396br
4 Jan 1916 UC 10Alfred Nitzsche LetoSteamer3,225nl
5 Jan 1916 UC 10Alfred Nitzsche Fridtjof NansenSteamer3,275nw
6 Jan 1916  CourtierNavy trawler181br
8 Jan 1916 UC 14Cäsar Bauer Citta Di PalermoTroopship3,415it
8 Jan 1916 UC 14Cäsar Bauer FreuchnyNavy Drifter84br
8 Jan 1916 UC 14Cäsar Bauer Morning StarNavy Drifter97br
12 Jan 1916 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen AlgerianSteamer3,837br
12 Jan 1916 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow TraquairSteamer1,067br
13 Jan 1916  Maashaven (d.)Steamer2,609nl
13 Jan 1916 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen Albion IiNavy Trawler240br
14 Jan 1916 UC 3Erwin Waßner Breslau (d.)Steamer1,339br
17 Jan 1916 U 35Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière SutherlandSteamer3,542br
18 Jan 1916 U 35Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière  MarereSteamer6,443br
18 Jan 1916 UB 16Hans Valentiner EvelynFishing vessel (smack)55br
18 Jan 1916 UB 16Hans Valentiner Foam CrestFishing vessel (smack)46br
18 Jan 1916 UB 16Hans Valentiner SunshineFishing vessel (smack)52br
18 Jan 1916 UC 1Egon von Werner  Rijndam (d.)Passenger steamer12,527nl
18 Jan 1916 UC 3Erwin Waßner AuvergneAuxiliary minesweeper523fr
19 Jan 1916 UC 1Egon von Werner LeovilleSteamer775fr
20 Jan 1916 U 35Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière  TrematonSteamer4,198br
20 Jan 1916 k.u.k. U11  König Albert (p.)Hospital ship10,484it
21 Jan 1916 UC 10Alfred Nitzsche ApolloSteamer799nl
22 Jan 1916 U 39Walter Forstmann  NorsemanPassenger steamer9,542br
22 Jan 1916 UC 10Alfred Nitzsche Falls City (d.)Steamer4,729br
27 Jan 1916 UB 6Ernst Voigt CrystalFishing vessel (smack)57br
28 Jan 1916 UC 1Egon von Werner  Perth (d.)Steamer3,522nw
29 Jan 1916   Thuban (d.)Steamer3,260nl
29 Jan 1916   Viking (d.)Destroyer1,090br
30 Jan 1916 UC 1Egon von Werner MaasdijkSteamer3,557nl
31 Jan 1916 UB 17Ralph Wenninger Arthur WilliamFishing vessel (smack)56br
31 Jan 1916 UB 17Ralph Wenninger HildaFishing vessel (smack)44br
31 Jan 1916 UB 17Ralph Wenninger MargueriteFishing vessel32be
31 Jan 1916 UB 17Ralph Wenninger RadiumFishing vessel (smack)59br
29 ships sunk (69,479 tons) and 8 ships damaged (31,287 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(p.) means the ship was taken as prize (included in ships & tonnage lost).
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Map showing hips hit by U-boats during 1916-01


sunk (10). damaged (5). taken as prize (2).

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