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February 1916

The British Steamer Cedarwood. She was hit by UC 4 on 12 Feb 1916.

This is the full listing of all ships hit during February 1916. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Ships hit by U-boats during February 1916

DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
1 Feb 1916 U 21Otto Hersing Belle Of FranceSteamer3,876br
1 Feb 1916 UB 17Ralph Wenninger Franz FischerSteamer957br
1 Feb 1916 UC 5Ulrich Mohrbutter  Prinses JulianaPassenger steamer2,885nl
2 Feb 1916 k.u.k. U4Rudolf Singule Jean Bart IiAuxiliary patrol vessel475fr
6 Feb 1916 UC 7Georg Haag Balgowniesteamer1,061br
8 Feb 1916 U 21Otto Hersing  Amiral CharnerArmored cruiser4,750fr
8 Feb 1916 UC 3Erwin Waßner  ArgoSteamer1,720br
8 Feb 1916 UC 7Franz Wäger Elswick Manor (d.)Steamer3,943br
9 Feb 1916 U 38Max Valentiner SpringwellSteamer5,593br
11 Feb 1916 UC 1Egon von Werner  AlabamaSteamer891nw
11 Feb 1916 UC 7Georg Haag  ArethusaLight cruiser3,520br
12 Feb 1916 UC 4Friedrich Moecke AduatiekSteamer2,221be
12 Feb 1916 UC 4Friedrich Moecke  CedarwoodSteamer654br
12 Feb 1916 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow LeicesterSteamer1,001br
13 Feb 1916 UC 4Friedrich Moecke TergesteaSteamer4,308br
15 Feb 1916 UC 5Ulrich Mohrbutter  Bandoeng (d.)Steamer5,851nl
16 Feb 1916 UC 12Eberhard Fröhner  MemphisSteamer2,382fr
20 Feb 1916 UB 13Karl Neumann David Marie (p.)Fishing vessel27be
20 Feb 1916 UC 14Cäsar Bauer GavenwoodNavy Drifter88br
20 Feb 1916 UC 5Ulrich Mohrbutter DingleSteamer593br
21 Feb 1916 UB 12Wilhelm Kiel La Petite HenrietteFishing vessel92be
21 Feb 1916 UB 12Wilhelm Kiel OleanderFishing vessel (smack)34br
21 Feb 1916 UB 12Wilhelm Kiel W.e. BrownFishing vessel (smack)58br
21 Feb 1916 UC 12Eberhard Fröhner MarechiaroHospital ship412it
21 Feb 1916 UC 5Ulrich Mohrbutter La FlandreTanker2,018nl
21 Feb 1916 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow CarltonNavy Trawler267br
23 Feb 1916 U 38Max Valentiner  DiademSteamer3,752br
23 Feb 1916 U 38Max Valentiner RoubineSailing vessel327fr
23 Feb 1916 UC 12Eberhard Fröhner MonsoneNavy Trawler249it
24 Feb 1916 U 38Max Valentiner DenabySteamer2,987br
24 Feb 1916 U 38Max Valentiner FastnetSteamer2,227br
24 Feb 1916 U 38Max Valentiner TorborgSteamer1,266sw
24 Feb 1916 UC 5Ulrich Mohrbutter TummelSteamer531br
24 Feb 1916 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow TrignacSteamer2,375fr
25 Feb 1916  Hans Jost (d.)Steamer954br
25 Feb 1916 UC 10Alfred Nitzsche SouthfordSteamer963br
26 Feb 1916 U 35Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière  La ProvenceArmed merchant cruiser13,753fr
26 Feb 1916 UB 18Otto Steinbrinck Au RevoirAuxiliary minesweeper1,058fr
26 Feb 1916 UB 2Werner Fürbringer ArbonneSteamer672br
26 Feb 1916 UC 10Alfred Nitzsche  BirgitSteamer1,117sw
26 Feb 1916 UC 12Eberhard Fröhner Lily ReaichNavy Drifter88br
26 Feb 1916 UC 7Georg Haag  DidoSteamer4,769br
27 Feb 1916  PetshengaSteamer1,647ru
27 Feb 1916 U 35Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière Giavasteamer2,755it
27 Feb 1916 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow Empress Of Fort WilliamSteamer2,181ca
27 Feb 1916 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow  MalojaPassenger steamer12,431br
27 Feb 1916 UC 7Georg Haag  MecklenburgPassenger steamer2,885nl
28 Feb 1916 U 35Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière  MasundaSteamer4,952br
28 Feb 1916 UC 3Erwin Waßner ThornabySteamer1,782br
28 Feb 1916 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow AngelusNavy Trawler304br
28 Feb 1916 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow WeigeliaNavy Trawler262br
29 Feb 1916 U 35Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière  PrimulaSloop1,250br
29 Feb 1916 U 38Max Valentiner Alexander WentzelSteamer2,832ru
29 Feb 1916 U 38Max Valentiner Elisa SSailing vessel209it
29 Feb 1916 UC 10Alfred Nitzsche Malvina (d.)Steamer1,244br
29 Feb 1916 UC 4Friedrich Moecke Den Of Ogil (d.)Steamer5,689br
51 ships sunk (109,507 tons) and 5 ships damaged (17,681 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(p.) means the ship was taken as prize (included in ships & tonnage lost).
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Map showing hips hit by U-boats during 1916-02


sunk (30). damaged (4).

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