Allied Warships

The Royal Indian Navy

The Indian Navy almost did not exist before WWII. When the war broke out, the British immediately provided ships and built ships to Indian navy which then only consisted of some small surface vessels.

The Indian Navy participated in few operations on sea, patrolling only in the Indian Ocean.

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Ships of the Royal Indian Navy

   MS Trawlers (43)
   Harbour Defence Motor Launchs (33)
   Motor Launchs (29)
   Motor Torpedo Boats (24)
   Minesweepers (20)
   Motor minesweepers (15)
   Sloops (11)
   Corvettes (3)
   Landing Ship Infantry (1)
   Patrol craft (1)

180 warships of 10 types.

War losses
According to our files the Royal Indian Navy lost 6 warships during WWII (3.33%). See them all here.