Fighting the U-boats

Aircraft & Air forces

Air Forces

British air Forces

Coastal Command sank 155 boats
Bomber Command bombed 15 boats in slips or in port Royal Navy Fleet Arm (FAA) sank 31 boats.

American air forces

159 U-boats sunk, 83 of those were sunk by USN aircraft.

Royal Canadian air forces

17 U-boats sunk.

Norwegian air forces

2 Squadrons (No. 330 and 333) sank
3 boats (U-322, U-423 and U-998).

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Participated in sinking 29 boats (often while in RAF units).

Polish air forces

One U-boat sunk (U-321) and one more (U-441) claimed.

French air forces

Two boats sunk (U-403 and U-105).

Czechoslovakian air forces

3 boats sunk by Squadron 311.

South African, Soviet and Brazilian air forces sank one U-boat each.

All the figures here refer to U-boats in commission.

Each air force will have its own page as soon as I'll have enough info on each of them. Feel free to contact me if you have any info.