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Scottish Heather

British Steam tanker

Photo Courtesy of Capt. S. Waldron

NameScottish Heather
Type:Steam tanker
Tonnage7,087 tons
Completed1928 - Sir W.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 
OwnerTankers Ltd, London 
Date of attack27 Dec 1942Nationality:      British
FateDamaged by U-225 (Wolfgang Leimk├╝hler)
Position46° 15'N, 26° 20'W - Grid BD 6835
Complement54 (0 dead and 54 survivors).
ConvoyONS-154 (straggler)
RouteTyne - New York 
CargoBallast and 750 tons of fuel for the escorts 
History Completed in May 1928

1951 renamed Athelcrest for United Molasses Co Ltd, London. Broken up at Blyth in July 1954. 
Notes on event

At 21.35 hours on 27 Dec 1942 the Scottish Heather was hit on the starboard side forward of the bridge by one torpedo from U-225, shortly after refueling HMCS Chilliwack (K 131) (T/A/LtCdr L.L. Foxall, RCNR) about 15 miles behind convoy ONS-154. The corvette had spotted the surfaced U-boat before the attack and opened fire. The U-boat went on full speed and outmaneuvered the warship on the surface for the successful attack on the tanker. Then the corvette forced them to dive and dropped depth charges without damaging the U-boat.

The crew of the Scottish Heather first abandoned ship in the lifeboats and set course for Ireland, but the second mate and a few men reboarded the tanker and managed to get her underway again. They searched in patterns for the lifeboats and found them in the afternoon. The tanker then continued to the Clyde under her own power and arrived on 2 January 1943. She was repaired and returned to service.

On boardWe have details of 11 people who were on board

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