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Marija Uljanova

Soviet Submarine depot ship

Marija Uljanova under her former name Yan Rudzutak. Photo courtesy of Dmitriy A. Sidorov

NameMarija Uljanova
Type:Submarine depot ship
Tonnage3,870 tons
Completed1928 - Zavod No 190 (A. Zhdanov), Leningrad 
OwnerSevernyj Flot (Northern Fleet) 
Date of attack26 Aug 1941Nationality:      Soviet
FateA total loss by U-571 (Helmut Möhlmann)
Position70° 08'N, 36° 03'E - Grid AC 8915
Complement? men (? dead and ? survivors).
RouteMurmansk - Archangelsk 
History Completed in October 1928 as motor passenger ship Yan Rudzutak for the Baltic Office of Sovtorgflot (STF-BGK). 1937 renamed Marija Uljanova for Baltijskoe Gosudarstvennoe Morskoe Parohodstvo (BGMP). On 22 September 1939 requisitioned as military transport by Murmanskoe Gosudarstvennoe Morskoe Parokhodstvo (MGMP) for the duration of the Soviet-Finnish war. On 7 January 1941, again requisitioned but this time as hospital ship for the Northern Fleet, later used as submarine depot ship. 
Notes on event

At 04.59 hours on 26 August 1941 the Marija Uljanova (SLt Yevdokimov), escorted by Uritskij and Valerian Kujbyshev, was hit on the starboard side aft by one torpedo from U-571 27 miles north of Teriberskij lighthouse and hit by a coup de grâce at 05.02 hours. After chasing away the U-boat with depth charges the destroyers returned and Valerian Kujbyshev picked up 14 survivors who had been blown overboard by the explosions.

Two hours after being hit about 11 metres from the stern of Marija Uljanova broke off, but the vessel remained afloat and was taken in tow by Uritskij, later assisted by the Soviet salvage tug Pamyat’ Ruslana. The tow convoy was soon screened by the destroyers Gromkij and Gremiascij, one SKR patrol vessel and three MO submarine chasers. German aircraft unsuccessfully attacked the ships twice, the Soviets claiming two aircraft shot down. The next day, the badly damaged ship was beached at Teriberka and declared a total loss. She was later used as oil storage hulk and broken up after the end of the war.


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