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Nicaraguan Motor merchant

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Type:Motor merchant
Tonnage567 tons
Completed1922 - Petrovski Shipbuilding Co, Reval 
OwnerBahama Shipping Co Ltd (Suwannee Fruit & SS Co), Bluefields 
Date of attack3 May 1942Nationality:      Nicaraguan
FateSunk by U-506 (Erich W├╝rdemann)
Position25° 04'N, 79° 45'W - Grid DM 2658
Complement14 (0 dead and 14 survivors).
RouteBaracoa, Cuba (30 Apr) - Jacksonville 
History Completed as Estonian auxiliary four-masted schooner Harjumaa for Reval Shipping Co, Reval. 1927 converted to a motor merchant and registered in Panama as Louis Geraci for N. Geraci & Co, Panama. 1932 registered in Nicaragua as Sama for Ceiba Navigation Corp (Standard Fruit & SS Co), Bluefields. 1939 sold to Bahama Shipping Co Ltd (Suwannee Fruit & SS Co), Bluefields. 
Notes on event

At 08.12 hours on 3 May 1942 the unescorted and unarmed Sama (Master Anders Gaard) was hit on the port side amidships by one torpedo from U-506 while steaming at 9 knots on a non-evasive course about 60 miles south-southwest of Miami, Florida. The explosion blew away the entire midsection on port side and fell the mast aft. As the ship slowly settled by the head, the entire crew abandoned ship within seven minutes in the port lifeboat. About 15 minutes after the hit, she sank by the bow after rolling over on her side. Due to the proximity of the coast, the U-boat did not surface and left the area submerged. The lifeboat set sail and its occupants were picked up after six hours by the British steam tanker Athelregent and landed later that day at Port Everglades, Florida.

On boardWe have details of 14 people who were on board

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