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American Steam tanker

Photo courtesy of SSHSA Collection, University of Baltimore Library

Type:Steam tanker (Hog Island)
Tonnage5,030 tons
Completed1920 - American International Shipbuilding Corp, Hog Island PA 
OwnerCuba Distilling Co Inc, New York 
Date of attack26 May 1942Nationality:      American
FateSunk by U-106 (Hermann Rasch)
Position26° 18'N, 89° 21'W - Grid DL 2168
Complement40 (22 dead and 18 survivors).
RouteGood Hope, Louisiana (25 May) - San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Cargo42,307 barrels of liquid asphalt 
History Completed in September 1920 as steam merchant of the Hog Island type for US Shipping Board (USSB), Philadelphia. 1921 converted to a steam tanker. 
Notes on event

About 11.00 hours on 26 May 1942 the unescorted and unarmed Carrabulle (Master Norris T. Ela) was stopped by U-106 in the Gulf of Mexico by a signal from a siren and a shot across her bow. The U-boat began firing shells at the bridge and the superstructure on the starboard side, while the radio operator was still sending distress signals. The crew of eight officers and 32 men, with the exception of the radio operator left the ship in two lifeboats. One boat held 24 men, including the master and the first mate. At the moment this boat reached the water a torpedo struck just below the waterline on port side and blew the boat to pieces. Only two men survived, who were later picked up by the other lifeboat together with the radio operator. Some survivors later claimed that Rasch asked if all the men had gotten clear of the ship, receiving a negative answer, he reportedly laughed and fired the torpedo at 11.34 hours. The tanker sank stern first at 12.30 hours. Three officers and 15 men were picked up by the American steam merchant Thompson Lykes 15 hours after the attack and were taken to New Orleans, Louisiana.

On boardWe have details of 22 people who were on board

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