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American Steam tanker

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Type:Steam tanker
Tonnage6,401 tons
Completed1919 - Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp, Quincy MA 
OwnerPaco Tankers Inc (Pennsylvania Shipping Co), Philadelphia PA 
Date of attack11 Jun 1942Nationality:      American
FateSunk by U-157 (Wolf Henne)
Position22° 00'N, 77° 30'W - Grid DM 68
Complement44 (6 dead and 38 survivors).
RouteAntilla, Cuba - Havana 
Cargo22.676 bbls of Blackstrap molasses 
Notes on event

At 10.10 hours on 11 June 1942 the unescorted Hagan (Master Brazier B. Calaway) was torpedoed by U-157 about five miles off the north coast of Cuba, while proceeding on a nonevasive course at 10.5 knots. A torpedo struck the starboard quarter below the waterline in the engine room. The blast destroyed the engines and caused at least one boiler to explode. About one minute later a second torpedo struck the port side fuel bunkers, blowing fuel oil all over the ship. The tanker started to sink fast, plunging by the stern. 38 men of the eight officers, 27 crewmen and nine armed guards (the ship was armed with one 4in, four .50cal and two .30cal guns) managed to abandon the ship in two lifeboats. Two officers and four crewmen were lost, four of these on watch below and three were injured. The boats drifted to shore, one reaching Cayo Verde and the other Cape Roman, Cuba, 13 hours after the attack. The survivors were later transferred to Nuevitas by a pilot boat and a Cuban patrol vessel.

On boardWe have details of 7 people who were on board

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