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HMS Hermione (74)

British Light cruiser

NameHMS Hermione (74)
Type:Light cruiser (Dido)
Tonnage5,450 tons
Completed1941 - A. Stephen & Sons Ltd, Linthouse, Glasgow 
OwnerThe Admiralty 
Date of attack16 Jun 1942Nationality:      British
FateSunk by U-205 (Franz-Georg Reschke)
Position33° 20'N, 26° 00'E - Grid CO 6572
Complement586 officers and men (88 dead and 498 survivors).
RouteAlexandria - Malta - Alexandria 
History After working up was completed in May 1941, HMS Hermione (74) served with the 2nd Cruiser Squadron in the Home Fleet during the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck. From June 1941 until March 1942 she joined Force H at Gibraltar and participated in many Malta convoy operations in the 1st Cruiser Squadron of the Mediterranean Fleet.

On 2 Aug 1941, the cruiser rammed and sank the Italian submarine Tembien in the Sicilian Narrows. In March 1942 she escorted the convoy for Operation Ironclad (the invasion of Madagascar) from Gibraltar to Durban and took part in the occupation of Madagascar in May 1942. HMS Hermione (74) then became part of the 15th Cruiser Squadron in the Eastern Mediterranean. 
Notes on event

HMS Hermione (74) (Capt G.N. Oliver, DSO, RN) was part of the Force A which escorted convoy MW-11, a supply convoy under Rear Admiral P.J. Vian from Alexandria to Malta in Operation Vigorous. On 14 and 15 June 1942 the AA cruiser expended most of its ammunition while defending the ships against heavy air attacks and had to return to Alexandria, escorted by HMS Aldenham (L 22) (Lt H.A. Stuart-Menteth, RN), HMS Beaufort (L 14) (LtCdr Sir S.O. Roche, RN) and HMS Exmoor (L 08) (LtCdr L.St.G. Rich, RN).

At 23.20 hours on 15 June, U-205 spotted a group of warships north of Sollum and attacked two destroyers with one G7e torpedo each at 23.38 and 23.40 hours, but missed. Only then Reschke recognized one of the shadows as cruiser and fired a spread of three torpedoes at 00.19 hours on 16 June, hitting HMS Hermione (74) on the starboard side. The ship immediately settled by the stern with a list of 22° and then completely turned over on one side, remaining afloat for 21 minutes before sinking. Eight officers and 80 ratings were lost. The survivors were picked up by the escorting destroyers and were landed at Alexandria.

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