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British Fleet oiler

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Type:Fleet oiler (Abbeydale)
Tonnage8,402 tons
Completed1937 - Cammell Laird & Co Ltd, Birkenhead 
OwnerThe Admiralty (Royal Fleet Auxiliary), London 
Date of attack7 Jul 1942Nationality:      British
FateSunk by U-457 (Karl Brandenburg)
Position75° 00'N, 45° 00'E - Grid AC 3834
Complement54 (0 dead and 54 survivors).
ConvoyPQ-17 (dispersed)
RouteReykjavik - Archangel 
CargoAviation spirit 
History Completed in September 1937 
Notes on event

On 5 July 1942 the Aldersdale (Master Archibald Hobson), dispersed from convoy PQ-17, was bombed and heavily damaged by German Ju88 aircraft of III./KG 30 in the Barents Sea north of the Kola Peninsula. The motor tanker was first taken in tow by HMS Salamander (N 86) (Lt W.R. Muttram, RN), but was later abandoned. The master and 53 crew members transferred to the minesweeper and landed at Archangel on 11 July.

Between 11.40 and 13.00 hours on 7 July, U-457 shelled the abandoned Alderdale with the 88mm gun (38 high explosive shells and 37 incendiary shells) and the 2cm Flak (40 rounds). At 14.56 hours, the U-boat fired a coup de grĂ¢ce, which broke the ship in two. Both parts sank within 20 minutes.

On boardWe have details of 1 people who were on board

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