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Egyptian Sailing ship

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Type:Sailing ship
Tonnage176 tons
Date of attack30 Jul 1942Nationality:      Egyptian
FateSunk by U-375 (Jürgen Koenenkamp)
Position32° 33'N, 32° 18'E - Grid CP 5752
Complement11 (0 dead and 11 survivors).
RouteBeirut - Alexandria 
CargoGeneral cargo 
Notes on event

Shortly after noon on 30 July 1942, U-375 sighted two Egyptian sailing vessels about 110 miles south of Cyprus. The U-boat first approached Amina and fired three shots across her bow from a distance of 70 meters. The crew immediately struck the sails and abandoned ship. At 12.45 hours, the vessel sank after being shelled with 48 rounds from the deck gun. U-375 then promptly left to chase the second sailing vessel and stopped the Ikbal with two shots across her bow at 13.28 hours. The vessel was set on fire with 28 rounds from the deck gun after the crew had abandoned ship in a lifeboat. The survivors raised their hands when the U-boat approached their boat, probably fearing they would be shot. Könenkamp waved to them and had a crewman hold up a can of food as he wanted to give them some provisions. The lifeboat came alongside and the survivors were given canned meat, tinned sausage, canned and hard bread and ten bottles of mineral water. The Germans tried to question them, but all they could understand was that they came from Beirut. The men all shook the hand of the 1WO and applauded and loudly shouted Heil Hitler after casting off. The U-boat then returned to the burning Ikbal and gently rammed it, causing the vessel to sink at 14.34 hours.


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