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HMS Eagle (94)

British Aircraft carrier

NameHMS Eagle (94)
Type:Aircraft carrier (Eagle)
Tonnage22,600 tons (one of the largest ships sunk).
Completed1924 - Sir W.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 
OwnerThe Admiralty 
Date of attack11 Aug 1942Nationality:      British
FateSunk by U-73 (Helmut Rosenbaum)
Position38° 05'N, 3° 02'E - Grid CH 9119
Complement1087 officers and men (160 dead and 927 survivors).
History Laid down in 1913 for Chile as the dreadnought battleship Almirante Cochrane but work was suspended in 1914. The Admiralty purchased the ship on the slips in 1918 and finished it in February 1924 as the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle (94).

At 05.05 hours on 14 Jun 1942, the Italian submarine Giada (Cavallina) attacked the Harpoon convoy for Malta in 37°55N/06°12E. She fired torpedoes at HMS Eagle (94) (Capt E.G.N. Rushbrooke, DSC, RN) and heard three detonations after 2 minutes 7 seconds. In fact, the carrier was not hit but it is possible that the fleet oiler Brown Ranger (3417 grt) was damaged. 
Notes on event

At 13.15 hours on 11 Aug 1942, HMS Eagle (94) (Capt L.D. Mackintosh, RN) was hit by four torpedoes from U-73, while escorting convoy WS-21S (Operation Pedestal) to Malta. She sank 70 miles south of Cape Salinas, Majorca, Balearic Islands. Two officers and 158 ratings were lost. The commander and 926 survivors were picked up by HMS Laforey (G 99) (Capt R.M.J. Hutton, RN), HMS Lookout (G 32) (LtCdr A.G. Forman, RN) and the tug HMS Jaunty (W 30).

On boardWe have details of 177 people who were on board

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