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Empire Sky

British Steam merchant

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NameEmpire Sky
Type:Steam merchant
Tonnage7,455 tons
Completed1941 - J.L. Thompson & Sons Ltd, Sunderland 
OwnerClaymore Shipping Co Ltd, Cardiff 
Date of attack6 Nov 1942Nationality:      British
FateSunk by U-625 (Hans Benker)
Position76° 20'N, 17° 30'E - Grid AB 3388
Complement60 (60 dead - no survivors)
RouteHull - Reykjavik - Archangel 
CargoGovernment stores, including ammunition and aircraft as deck cargo 
History Completed in June 1941 for Ministry of War Transport (MoWT). 
Notes on event

At 22.24 hours on 6 Nov 1942 the unescorted Empire Sky (Master Thomas Morley) was hit by two torpedoes from U-625 about 20 miles southeast of Spitzbergen. The U-boat had spotted the ship more than three hours earlier and had first to reload its torpedo tubes after missing her with two spreads of two torpedoes at 20.40 and 20.55 hours. The ship settled by the bow and sent emergency radio messages from which the Germans misidentified the ship as Bangalore. At 22.50 hours, a coup de grĂ¢ce was fired from the stern torpedo tube that hit the Empire Sky and ignited her cargo of ammunition. She blew up in a terrific explosion with debris falling over a wide area and also hitting the U-boat. One piece of 1 kilogram even fell through the open conning tower hatch into the control room. The master, 41 crew members and 18 gunners were lost.

On boardWe have details of 60 people who were on board

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