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British Steam merchant

Abbotsford under her former name Cyrille Danneels. Photo courtesy of Yorkshire Waterways Museum

Type:Steam merchant
Tonnage1,585 tons
Completed1924 - Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co Ltd, Goole 
OwnerGeorge Gibson & Co Ltd, Leith 
Date of attack9 Mar 1940Nationality:      British
FateSunk by U-14 (Herbert Wohlfarth)
Position51° 44'N, 3° 22'E - Grid AN 8733
Complement19 (19 dead - no survivors)
RouteGhent - Grangemouth 
CargoSteel and flax 
History Completed in October 1924 as Cyrille Danneels for Buck Steam Shipping & Coal Exports, Goole. 1932 renamed Abbotsford for George Gibson & Co Ltd, Leith. 
Notes on event

At 23.30 hours on 9 March 1940 the Abbotsford was hit in the foreship by one G7e torpedo from U-14 north of Zeebrugge and caught fire. The Akeld was ahead of the vessel and apparently turned around to help the torpedoed ship, but at 23.45 hours was struck herself amidships by a G7a torpedo from the same U-boat and sank within seconds. At 23.55 hours, the first ship was sunk by a coup de grĂ¢ce.

The master, 17 crew members and one gunner from the Abbotsford (Master Alexander John Watson) were lost.

On boardWe have details of 19 people who were on board

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