Ships hit by U-boats

TK-57 (No 60)

Soviet Motor torpedo boat

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NameTK-57 (No 60)
Type:Motor torpedo boat (D-3 class)
Tonnage36 tons
Completed1943 - Zavod No 5 (NKVD), Leningrad 
OwnerSoviet Navy 
Date of attack15 Jul 1944Nationality:      Soviet
FateDamaged by U-679 (Friedrich Breckwoldt)
Position60° 27'N, 28° 24'E - Grid AO 3355
Complement? men (? dead and ? survivors).
History Commissioned on 30 September 1943 as No. 57 and assigned to the Baltic Fleet. Renamed TK-57 (No 60) on 14 April 1944.

Decommissioned on 28 February 1948 and broken up. 
Notes on event

On 14 July 1944 U-679 entered the Bay of Viborg but was located from Ruonti Island and soon attacked by small units of the Soviet Navy. At 00.12 hours on 15 July, the Germans opened fire with all guns at three motor torpedo boats and observed hits on two of them. TK-57 (No 60) was damaged in the encounter but fired two torpedoes of which one passed just ahead of the U-boat. The retreat of the U-boat was assisted by a Finnish land battery at Ristniemi that opened fire on the Soviet vessels and drove them away.


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