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Soviet Landing craft

The photo shows SB-4, a sistership of SB-2. Photo from Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive SA-Kuva #60597

Type:Landing craft (SB)
Tonnage720 tons
Completed1940 - Tallinn 
OwnerSoviet Navy 
Date of attack29 Oct 1944Nationality:      Soviet
FateSunk by U-958 (Gerhard Groth)
Position59° 27'N, 23° 12'E - Grid AO 0259
Complement? men (107 dead and ? survivors).
Routeto Saarenmaa 
CargoMilitary equipment, supplies and artillery guns 
Notes on event

At 22.14 hours on 29 October 1944 U-958 fired a spread of three T-3 torpedoes at a barge and a coastal patrol craft north of Osmussaar in the Gulf of Finland, heard a detonation after 2 minutes and 21 seconds but made no observations as the U-boat was forced to evade the escorts and escaped without damage after counting 42 depth charge explosions. The landing craft SB-2 was sunk during this attack while transporting troops and war material to Saarenmaa for the Moonsund Landing Operation.

Revisions September 2015 by Rainer Kolbicz:
The position where the wreck of SB-2 was discovered in 2014 indicates that the vessel must have been sunk in a torpedo attack by U-958 that had been reported as unsuccessful. The hit claimed by U-475 (Stoeffler) after firing a Gnat at an escort vessel at 16.25 hours on 31 October 1944 is not confirmed by Soviet reports. 

Location of attack on SB-2.

ship sunk.

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