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Soviet Patrol Craft (A/S)

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Type:Patrol Craft (A/S) (SC-497)
Tonnage105 tons
Completed1944 - Quincy Adams Yacht Yard Inc, Quincy MA 
OwnerSoviet Navy 
Date of attack5 Dec 1944Nationality:      Soviet
FateSunk by U-365 (Diether Todenhagen)
Position69° 29'N, 35° 12'E - Grid AC 8941
Complement? men (? dead - no survivors)
RoutePala Guba (5 Dec) - patrol area off Teriberka - Kildinskaja Salma 
History Completed in June 1944 as USS SC-1477 for the US Navy. On 19 July lend-leased to the Sovietunion and on 25 August included in the Soviet Navy as BO-230, which was assigned to the Northern Fleet on 28 October. 
Notes on event

Around 20.00 hours on 5 Dec 1944, BO-230 was hit by a Gnat from U-365, exploded and sank with all hands. The vessel had been on a submarine hunt together with the Soviet patrol craft BO-219, BO-223 and BO-229 off Cape Tsyp-Navolok, Kildin Island, Teriberka and Cape Mogil´nyj. At 18.12 hours, BO-230 had spotted a silhouette and was ordered by Captain 3rd class I.N. Gritsjuk on BO-229 to investigate it. After 20 minutes, the other two patrol craft went to assist BO-230, but were unable to contact her by signals. Around 20.00 hours, the vessel and the contact vanished from the radar screen. The remaining vessels searched the area for one hour, but found nothing and proceeded to Kildinskaja Salma, thinking that the missing boat already had left for berth alone.


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