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Palestinian Sailing ship

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Type:Sailing ship
Tonnage38 tons
Date of attack3 Sep 1942Nationality:      Palestinian
FateSunk by U-375 (J├╝rgen Koenenkamp)
Position34° 48'N, 35° 54'E - Grid CP 3785
Complement? men (0 dead and ? survivors).
RouteSyria - Palestine 
Notes on event

On 3 September 1942 U-375 sighted a single sailing vessel and shortly thereafter a small southbound convoy of two sailing vessels and the small steamer Arnon about five miles north of Tartus, Syria. At 13.42 hours, the first sailing vessel of about 80 tons was sunk with ten rounds from the deck gun and a second of about 80 tons was sunk with seven rounds at 14.55 hours. The steamer and the remaining sailing vessel grounded themselves at the nearby coast and the U-boat hit the Arnon with a stern torpedo at 15.04 hours, blowing off the stern. The grounded sailing vessel of about 100 tons was destroyed with 15 rounds at 15.35 hours.

Only one of the sailing vessels could be identified from Allied sources, the Miriam. It is possible that Turkian, which is reported by Allied sources as being sunk on 6 September was sunk in this attack by U-375.


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