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Hefz el Rahman

Egyptian Sailing ship

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NameHefz el Rahman
Type:Sailing ship
Tonnage90 tons
Date of attack19 Apr 1942Nationality:      Egyptian
FateSunk by U-81 (Friedrich Guggenberger)
Position33° 39'N, 35° 14'E - Grid CP 5639
Complement? men (? dead and ? survivors).
Notes on event

At 22.00 hours on 19 April 1942 the sailing vessel Hefz el Rahman was rammed and sunk by U-81 about 20 miles southwest of Beirut.

At 16.51 hours on 20 April the U-boat also reported an unidentified sailing vessel of 80 tons sunk by gunfire about 25 miles west of Beirut.


Location of attack on Hefz el Rahman.

ship sunk.

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