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Tacoma class

75 ships

The frigate USS Hutchinson (PF-45) of the US Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1430 BRT 
Length304 feet 
Complement190 men 
Armament3 3"/50 AA guns (3x1).
4 40mm AA (2x2).
9 20mm AA (9x1). 
Max speed20 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, two shafts 
Notes on class

This class was based on the British River class frigate with American adjustments (3" gun instead of the British 4" etc). These ships were built to mercantile standards making them quicker to build but weaker than destroyer escorts for example.

96 were built, 21 of those going to Britain as the Colony class frigates. These ships were mostly intended as anti-submarine vessels.


All ships of the Tacoma class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Abilene (PF-58)
USS Albuquerque (PF-7)
USS Alexandria (PF-18)
USS Allentown (PF-52)
USS Annapolis (PF-15)
USS Bangor (PF-16)
USS Bath (PF-55)
USS Bayonne (PF-21)
USS Beaufort (PF-59)
USS Belfast (PF-35)
USS Bisbee (PF-46)
USS Brownsville (PF-10)
USS Brunswick (PF-68)
USS Burlington (PF-51)
USS Carson City (PF-50)
USS Casper (PF-12)
USS Charlotte (PF-60)
USS Charlottesville (PF-25)
USS Coronado (PF-38)
USS Corpus Christi (PF-44)
USS Covington (PF-56)
USS Davenport (PF-69)
USS Dearborn (PF-33)
USS El Paso (PF-41)
USS Emporia (PF-28)
USS Eugene (PF-40)
USS Evansville (PF-70)
USS Everett (PF-8)
USS Forsyth (PF-102)
USS Gallup (PF-47)
USS Gladwyne (PF-62)
USS Glendale (PF-36)
USS Gloucester (PF-22)
USS Grand Forks (PF-11)
USS Grand Island (PF-14)
USS Grand Rapids (PF-31)
USS Greensboro (PF-101)
USS Groton (PF-29)
USS Gulfport (PF-20)
USS Hingham (PF-30)
USS Hoquiam (PF-5)
USS Huron (PF-19)
USS Hutchinson (PF-45)
USS Key West (PF-17)
USS Knoxville (PF-64)
USS Long Beach (PF-34)
USS Lorain (PF-93)
USS Machias (PF-53)
USS Manitowoc (PF-61)
USS Milledgeville (PF-94)
USS Moberly (PF-63)
USS Muskegon (PF-24)
USS Muskogee (PF-49)
USS New Bedford (PF-71)
USS Newport (PF-27)
USS Ogden (PF-39)
USS Orange (PF-43)
USS Orlando (PF-99)
USS Pasco (PF-6)
USS Peoria (PF-67)
USS Pocatello (PF-9)
USS Poughkeepsie (PF-26)
USS Pueblo (PF-13)
USS Racine (PF-100)
USS Reading (PF-66)
USS Rockford (PF-48)
USS San Pedro (PF-37)
USS Sandusky (PF-54)
USS Sausalito (PF-4)
USS Sheboygan (PF-57)
USS Shreveport (PF-23)
USS Tacoma (PF-3)
USS Uniontown (PF-65)
USS Van Buren (PF-42)
USS Woonsocket (PF-32)

75 Frigates of the Tacoma class.

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