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Minas Gerais class

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The battleship BZ Minas Gerais of the Brazilian Navy.

Technical information

Displacement19281 normal, 21200 full BRT 
Length164.6 m 
Complement900 men 
ArmamentMinas Gerais (as modified)
12 12"/L45 guns (6x2)
14 4.7"/L50 guns (14x1)
4 3" AA guns (4x1)

Sao Paulo
12 12" guns (6x2)
22 4.7" guns (22x1)
4 3" AA guns (4x1) 

Max speed21 knots
Engines2-shaft VTE by Vickers, 18 Babcock boilers. 
PowerDesigned: 23,500 IHP 
Notes on classCoal 2350 ts, oil 400 ts. Range: 10,000 nm at 10 kn Protection: Krupp Cemented belt: midship 229 mm , extremities 102-152 mm; casemates 229, turrets 305-229, CT 305.  

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Minas Gerais
Sao Paulo

2 Battleships of the Minas Gerais class.

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