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MS Trawlers

Round Table class

8 ships

Technical information

TypeMS Trawler
Displacement440 BRT 
Length137 feet 
Complement35 men 
Armament1 12 pdr AA gun
1 20mm AA
2 MG AA (2x1) 
Max speed12 knots
EnginesReciprocating engine, 1 shaft 
Power600 HP 
Notes on class 

All ships of the Round Table class

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HMS Sir Agravaine (T 230)
HMS Sir Galahad (T 226)
HMS Sir Gareth (T 227)
HMS Sir Geraint (T 240)
HMS Sir Kay (T 241)
HMS Sir Lamorak (T 242)
HMS Sir Lancelot (T 228)
HMS Sir Tristam (T 229)

8 MS Trawlers of the Round Table class.

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