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The light cruiser HNMS Tromp of the Royal Dutch Navy.

Technical information

TypeLight cruiser
Displacement4000 BRT 
Length132 m 
Complement380 men 
Armament6 5.9" guns (3x2)
4 40mm AA (2x2)
4 .5" AA (2x2)
6 21" torpedo tubes
1 aircraft (but no catapult) 
Max speed32.5 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power56000 HP 
Notes on classSpecifications as listed above are for HrMs Tromp.

HrMs Jacob van Heemskerck was incomplete when she escaped from Holland to the U.K.
She was completed as an Anti-Aircraft cruiser and had some different specifications;
Complement; 420
10 4" AA guns (10x2)
4 2pdr AA (1x4)
6 20mm AA (6x1) 

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HNMS Jacob van Heemskerck (D 20)
HNMS Tromp

2 Light cruisers of the Tromp class.

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