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The light cruiser BZ Rio Grande do Sul (C 11) of the Brazilian Navy.

Technical information

TypeLight cruiser
Displacement3100 BRT 
Length122.5 m oa 
Complement350 men 
Armament10 4.7" guns
6 47mm
2 18" torpedo tubes 
Max speed26.5 knots
Engines3-shaft Parsons geared turbines, Yarrow boilers 
Power18,000 SHP 
Notes on classDesign based on the British scout cruiser Adventure. Bahia made 27,016 kn on trials, Rio Grande do Sul 27,41. When completed they were the world's fastest light cruisers.
Both were part of the Brazilian Squadron that operated off the NW African coast in 1917-18.
Re-engined and reboilered respectively in 1925 and 1926, their speed was increased to 28 kn. Both saw extensive WWII service. 

All ships of the Bahia class

Brazilian Navy Brazilian Navy (more on Brazilian Navy)

Bahia (C 12) Lost on 4 Jul 1945
Rio Grande do Sul (C 11)

2 Light cruisers of the Bahia class. 1 of them was lost.

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