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Henrique Dias class

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Technical information

TypeASW Trawler
Displacement813 BRT 
Complement70 men 
Armament2 12pdr AA gun as designed, completed with 1
4 20mm AA
4 DC throwers 
Max speed12.5 knots
EnginesTriple expansion, coal fired 
Power1000 IHP 
Notes on classAll units built by Henrique Lage, Ilha do Viana. Laid down in 1941 for the Royal Navy but transferred to Brazil 24/8/1942 while still under construction. 

All ships of the Henrique Dias class

Brazilian Navy Brazilian Navy (more on Brazilian Navy)

Barreto de Menezes (F 6)
Felipe Camarao (F 2)
Fernandes Vieira (F 1)
Henrique Dias (F 3)
Matias de Albuquerque (F 4)
Vidal de Negreiros (F 5)

5 ASW Trawlers (6 names) of the Henrique Dias class.

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