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The asw trawler HMS Drangey (FY 195) of the Royal Navy.

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The list is divided by navy, then ordered by commissioned date of each class (oldest first).


Brazilian Navy

 Henrique Dias (6)1943 - 1944

Royal Navy

 no class name (216)1935 - 1942
 Dog (2)1935 - 1938
 Dance (20)1940 - 1941
 Hill (8)1941 - 1942
 Fish (10)1942 - 1943
 Military (9)1943 - 1944

7 ship classes.

Please note that we list the classes by navies that initiated/owned the class. Often vessels of certain classes were then built for other nations (or lent), those ships are not visible here but only through the navies pages or by looking into each class.

War losses: ASW Trawlers



Royal Navy30 Oct 1939HMS Northern Rover (4.58) 
Royal Navy20 Nov 1939HMS Mastiff (T 10)Dog 
Royal Navy16 Dec 1939HMS Sedgefly (FY 122) 
Royal Navy25 Dec 1939HMS Loch Doon (FY 127) 


Royal Navy5 Jan 1940HMS Kingston Cornelian (FY 121) 
Royal Navy20 Feb 1940HMS Fifeshire 
Royal Navy15 Mar 1940HMS Peridot (FY 198) 
Royal Navy20 Apr 1940HMS Rutlandshire 
Royal Navy25 Apr 1940HMS Bradman (FY 189) 
Royal Navy25 Apr 1940HMS Hammond (FY 149) 
Royal Navy25 Apr 1940HMS Larwood (FY 172) 
Royal Navy29 Apr 1940HMS Cape Chelyuskin (FY 119) 
Royal Navy29 Apr 1940HMS Cape Siretoko (FY 263) 
Royal Navy30 Apr 1940HMS Jardine (FY 169) 
Royal Navy30 Apr 1940HMS Warwickshire (FY 113) 
Royal Navy1 May 1940HMS St. Goran 
Royal Navy3 May 1940HMS Aston Villa (FY 261) 
Royal Navy3 May 1940HMS Gaul 
Royal Navy21 May 1940HMS Cape Passaro (FY 270) 
Royal Navy22 May 1940HMS Melbourne 
Royal Navy28 May 1940HMS Thuringia (FY 106) 
Royal Navy31 May 1940HMS St. Achilleus (FY 152) 
Royal Navy1 Jun 1940HMS Argyllshire 
Royal Navy1 Jun 1940HMS Stella Dorado (FY 131) 
Royal Navy2 Jun 1940HMS Blackburn Rovers (FY 116) 
Royal Navy2 Jun 1940HMS Westella (FY 161) 
Royal Navy8 Jul 1940HMS Cayton Wyke (FY 191) 
Royal Navy24 Jul 1940HMS Kingston Galena (FY 145) 
Royal Navy2 Aug 1940HMS Cape Finisterre 
Royal Navy25 Sep 1940HMS Stella Sirius 
Royal Navy28 Sep 1940HMS Recoil 
Royal Navy5 Oct 1940HMS Kingston Sapphire (4.81) 
Royal Navy12 Oct 1940HMS Warwick Deeping (FY 182) 
Royal Navy14 Oct 1940HMS Lord Stamp 
Royal Navy18 Oct 1940HMS Kingston Cairngorm 
Royal Navy10 Nov 1940HMS Kingston Alalite (FY 136) 
Royal Navy16 Nov 1940HMS Arsenal (FY 140) 
Royal Navy24 Nov 1940HMS Amethyst (T 12) 
Royal Navy30 Dec 1940HMS Bandolero (FY 188) 


Royal Navy5 Feb 1941HMS Tourmaline (T 42) 
Royal Navy13 Feb 1941HMS Rubens 
Royal Navy21 Feb 1941HMS Lincoln City 
Royal Navy16 Mar 1941HMS Lady Lilian 
Royal Navy20 Apr 1941HMS Topaze (T 40) 
Royal Navy29 May 1941HMS Sindonis (FY 120) 
Royal Navy6 Aug 1941HMS Agate (T 87) 
Royal Navy22 Nov 1941HMS St. Apollo 
Royal Navy11 Dec 1941HMS Lady Shirley 


Royal Navy18 Jan 1942HMS Erin 
Royal Navy8 Mar 1942HMS Northern Princess (4.06) 
Royal Navy9 Mar 1942HMS Notts County (FY 250) 
Royal Navy11 Mar 1942HMS Stella Capella (FY 107) 
Royal Navy11 Apr 1942HMS St. Cathan (FY 234) 
Royal Navy13 Apr 1942HMS Coral (T 07) 
Royal Navy13 Apr 1942HMS Lord Snowden (FY 115) 
Royal Navy21 Apr 1942HMS Jade (T 56) 
Royal Navy6 May 1942HMS Senateur Duhamel (FY 327) 
Royal Navy12 May 1942HMS Bedfordshire (FY 141) 
Royal Navy27 May 1942HMS Arctic Pioneer (FY 164) 
Royal Navy15 Jun 1942HMS Kingston Ceylonite (FY 214) 
Royal Navy5 Jul 1942HMS Sword Dance (T 132)Dance 
Royal Navy9 Jul 1942HMS Manor (FY 333) 
Royal Navy19 Sep 1942HMS Alouette (FY 101) 
Royal Navy19 Sep 1942HMS Pentland Firth (FY 108) 
Royal Navy2 Oct 1942HMS Lord Stonehaven (FY 187) 
Royal Navy25 Nov 1942HMS Leyland (FY 103) 
Royal Navy1 Dec 1942HMS Jasper (i) (T 14) 
Royal Navy5 Dec 1942HMS Bengali (FY 165) 
Royal Navy5 Dec 1942HMS Spaniard (FY 144) 


Royal Navy12 Jan 1943HMS Kingston Jacinth (4.45) 
Royal Navy25 Jan 1943HMS Corncrake (M 82)Fish 
Royal Navy8 Feb 1943HMS Bredon (T 223)Hill 
Royal Navy27 Feb 1943HMS Lord Hailsham (FY 109) 
Royal Navy22 Apr 1943HMS Herring (T 307)Fish 
Royal Navy8 May 1943HMS Daneman (FY 123) 
Royal Navy25 Dec 1943HMS Kingston Beryl (4.03) 


Royal Navy14 Jun 1944HMS Birdlip (T 218)Hill 
Royal Navy24 Jun 1944HMS Lord Austin (FY 220) 
Royal Navy29 Jul 1944HMS Lord Wakefield (FY 170) 


Royal Navy19 Jan 1945HMS Northern Isles (4.25) 
Royal Navy8 Jul 1945HMS La Nantaise (FY 360) 

81 ASW Trawlers lost. See all Allied Warship losses.

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