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Carioca class

6 ships

The minelayer BZ Cananéia (C 2) of the Brazilian Navy.

Technical information

Displacement552 BRT 
Length57.50 m 
Complement97 men 
Armament2 4" gun
4 20mm AA
44 to 50 mines 
Max speed14 knots
Engines2 sets VTE, 2 shafts, oil 70 ts 
Power2200 HP 
Notes on classThese minelayers were also capable of minesweeping and were also used as escorts during the war. 

All ships of the Carioca class

Brazilian Navy Brazilian Navy (more on Brazilian Navy)

Cabedelo (C 4)
Camaqua (C 6) Lost on 21 Jul 1944
Camocim (C 3)
Cananéia (C 2)
Caravelas (C 5)
Carioca (C 1)

6 Minelayerss of the Carioca class. 1 of them was lost.

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