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Argo class

17 ships

Technical information

TypePatrol vessel
Displacement337 BRT 
Length165 feet 
Complement5 officers + 39 men 
Armament1 3" gun 
Max speed16 knots
EnginesDiesel engines, 2 shafts 
Power1340 HP 
Notes on class 

All ships of the Argo class

United States Coast Guard United States Coast Guard (more on United States Coast Guard)

USCGC Argo (WPC 100)
USCGC Atalanta (WPC 102)
USCGC Aurora (WPC 103)
USCGC Calypso (WPC 104)
USCGC Cyane (WPC 105)
USCGC Daphne (WPC 106)
USCGC Dione (WPC 107)
USCGC Galatea (WPC 108)
USCGC Hermes (WPC 109)
USCGC Icarus (WPC 110)
USCGC Nemesis (WPC 111)
USCGC Nike (WPC 112)
USCGC Pandora (WPC 113)
USCGC Perseus (WPC 114)
USCGC Thetis (WPC 115)
USCGC Triton (WPC 116)
USCGC Ariadne (WPC 101)

17 Patrol vessels of the Argo class.

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