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HMS Bulldog (H 91)

Destroyer of the B class

HMS Bulldog before World War Two

NavyThe Royal Navy
PennantH 91 
Built bySwan Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd. (Wallsend-on-Tyne, U.K.): Wallsend 
Ordered22 Mar 1929 
Laid down10 Aug 1929 
Launched6 Dec 1930 
Commissioned8 Apr 1931 
End service 

HMS Bulldog is not listed as active unit in the July 1945 Navy List

Sold to be broken up for scrap on 15 Janaury 1946.


Commands listed for HMS Bulldog (H 91)

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1Cdr. Thomas Leslie Bratt, RNJul 1938Feb 1939

2Lt.Cdr. John Sherbrook Morris Richardson, RN14 Mar 193930 Apr 1940
3Lt.Cdr. John Patrick Wisden, RN30 Apr 194024 Aug 1940
4Lt.Cdr. Frank Joseph George Hewitt, RN24 Aug 19403 Jan 1941
5Lt.Cdr. Edmund Neville Vincent Currey, DSC, RN3 Jan 1941Feb 1941
6Cdr. Addison Joe Baker-Cresswell, RNFeb 194127 Jan 1942
7Cdr. Maxwell Richmond, OBE, RN27 Jan 194218 Dec 1942
8Lt.Cdr. Edward John Lee, RN18 Dec 1942late 1943
9Lt. John Henry Pennell, RNlate 194314 Mar 1944
10Lt.Cdr. Charles Gordon Walker, RN14 Mar 1944late 1944
11Lt. John Henry Pennell, RNlate 194416 Mar 1945
12Lt.Cdr. David Brian Gladstone Dumas, RN16 Mar 194527 May 1945

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Notable events involving Bulldog include:

1 Sep 1939
On the outbreak of the Second World War HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. J.S.M. Richardson, RN) was serving in the Mediterranean as aircraft guard ship for the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious (Capt. G. D'Oyly-Hughes DSO, DSC, RN).

21 Feb 1940
HMS Bulldog received orders to return to Dover to join the 19th DF.

18 Mar 1940
HMS Glorious (Capt. Guy D'Oyly-Hughes, DSO and Bar, DSC, RN) and HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. J.S.M. Richardson, RN) received orders to remain in the Mediterranean.

9 May 1940
During the night of 9/10 May, the destroyer was searching in the Skagerrak for German minelayers with other destroyers from Scapa Flow. During an attack by German MTBs at another Task Force with the same task, HMS Kelly was badly damaged by a torpedo and towed to Newcastle by HMS Bulldog.

10 May 1940
HMS Manchester (Capt. H.A. Packer, RN) and HMS Sheffield (Capt. C.A.A. Larcom, RN) departed Scapa Flow to provide cover for the damaged destroyer HMS Kelly (Capt. L.F.A.V.N. Mountbatten, GCVO, RN) that had been torpedoed by the German E-Boat S-31 in the North Sea. HMS Kelly was being towed by destroyer HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. J.P. Wisden, RN). Destroyers HMS Khartoum (Cdr. D.T. Dowler, RN), HMS Fury (Cdr. E.W.B. Sim, RN) and HMS Gallant (Lt.Cdr. C.P.F. Brown, RN) were escorting the tow. HMS Manchester and HMS Sheffield joined around 1540 hours (zone -1). Around 1530/11, HMS Manchester and HMS Sheffield parted company and set course for Rosyth where they arrived around 0015/12. In the early moring of the 11th two tugs had taken over the tow of HMS Kelly from HMS Bulldog. HMS Kelly finally arrived at the Tyne at 1730/13. (1)

24 Aug 1940
While at Portsmouth HMS Bulldog was damaged during a German air raid. Bulldog's Commanding Officer Lt.Cdr. John Patrick Wisden, RN was wounded, he died 5 days later.

First Officer F.J.G. Hewitt, RN took over command until relieved by Lt.Cdr. E.N.V. Currey, DSC, RN on 3 January 1941.

13 Sep 1940
During the night of 13/14 September 1940 the destroyers HMS Highlander (Cdr. W.A. Dallmeyer, RN), HMS Harvester (Lt.Cdr. M. Thornton, RN), HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. F.J.G. Hewitt, RN) and HMS Beagle (Lt.Cdr. R.H. Wright, RN) bombard Cherbourg in a sweep through the Seine Bay.

18 Dec 1940
HMS Nelson (Capt. Sir G.J.A. Miles, RN), HMS Hood (Capt. Sir I.G. Glennie, RN), HMS Repulse (Capt. Sir W.G. Tennant, CB, MVO, RN) and HMS Manchester (Capt. H.A. Packer, RN) departed Scapa Flow to conduct exercises west of the Orkneys. They were escorted by the destroyers HMS Cossack (Capt. P.L. Vian, DSO and Bar, RN), HMS Sikh (Cdr. G.H. Stokes, RN), HMS Tartar (Cdr. L.P. Skipwith, RN), HMS Brilliant (Lt.Cdr. F.C. Brodrick, RN), HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. F.J.G. Hewitt, RN), HMS Beagle (Lt.Cdr. R.H. Wright, RN), HMS Douglas (Lt.Cdr. H.G. Bowerman, RN), HMS Escapade (Cdr. R.E. Hyde-Smith, RN), HMS Electra (Lt.Cdr. S.A. Buss, MVO, RN) and HMS Eclipse (Lt.Cdr. I.T. Clark, RN). (2)

During the summer of 1941 Dr. Edward Lee performed trials with Britain's first infrared spectrometer for infrared recognition aboard HMS Bulldog.

Dr. Lee built the detection system which proved crucial to the identification of enemy aircraft in the Second World War.

At the outbreak of war, Dr. Lee joined the Admiralty Research Laboratory in Teddington, working initially on radar; then, using the research from his work on the spectrometer, he worked on developing the type F infrared rays recognition system to help allied pilots distinguish enemy aircraft from their own planes at night. The system employed the transmission of intermittent infrared light beams from lamps attached to aircraft' tailfins. The beams were invisible to the naked eye, but could be detected by fellow pilots via a special receiver.

9 May 1941
HMS Bulldog was responsible for the capture of U-110, her Sub Lt David Balme finding the Enigma code machine ciphers and code books. U-110 was taken on tow and Bulldog kept her afloat for 17 hours then let the towline slip. The intention was to tow U-110 into Iceland but Admiralty realised this would have been a massive error of judgement. In the event, allegedly, U-110 resolved the matter herself by sinking. (3)

9 May 1941
German U-boat U-110 was captured on 9 May 1941 in the North Atlantic south of Iceland by the British destroyers HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. A.J.B. Cresswell, RN) and HMS Broadway (Lt.Cdr. T. Taylor, RN) and the British corvette HMS Aubretia (Lt.Cdr. V.F. Smith, RNR). The U-boat was allowed to sink the day after to preserve the secret capture.

20 Mar 1942
HrMs O 10 (Lt. Baron D.T. Mackay, RNN) participated in A/S exercises off Lough Foyle together with HMS Bulldog (Cdr. M. Richmond, OBE, RN) and HMS Richmond (Lt.Cdr. J.M. Rodgers, RN). (4)

24 Mar 1942
HrMs O 10 (Lt. J.H. Geijs, RNN) participated in A/S exercises off Lough Foyle together with HMS Rochester (Cdr. (retired) C.B. Allen, RN), HMS Bulldog (Cdr. M. Richmond, OBE, RN), HMS Ambuscade (Lt.Cdr. R.A. Fell, RN), HMS Sandwich (Lt.Cdr.(Emgy.) R.C. Gervers, RN), HMS Scarborough (Lt.Cdr. E.B. Carnduff, RN), HMS Bradford (Lt.Cdr. J.N.K. Knight, RN) and ORP Blyscawica (Lt.Cdr. T. Gorazdowski, ORP, ORP). (4)

22 Aug 1942
HMS H 43 (Lt. J.C.Y. Roxburgh, DSC, RN) conducted A/S exercises off Lough Foyle with HMS Yestor (Lt. R.C. Holt, RNVR), HMS Bulldog (Cdr. M. Richmond, OBE, DSO, RN) and HMS Achates (Lt.Cdr. A.H.T. Johns, RN). (5)

23 Aug 1942
HMS H 43 (Lt. J.C.Y. Roxburgh, DSC, RN) conducted A/S exercises off Lough Foyle with HMS Bulldog (Cdr. M. Richmond, OBE, DSO, RN), HMS Achates (Lt.Cdr. A.H.T. Johns, RN), HMS Hurricane (Cdr. E.C. Bayldon, DSC, RN) and HMS Watchman (Lt.Cdr. J.M. Rodgers, RN). (5)

15 Dec 1942
HMS H 34 (Lt. G.M. Noll, RN) conducted A/S exercises off Lough Foyle with HMS Bulldog (Cdr. M. Richmond, OBE, DSO, RN). (6)

21 Mar 1943
HMS H 50 (Lt. G.S.C Clarabut, RN) participated in A/S exercises off Campbeltown. Folowing these exercises HMS H 50 conducted special trials with HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. E.J. Lee, RN). (7)

22 Mar 1943
During the night of 22/23 March 1943, HMS Universal (Lt. C. Gordon, RN), conducted exercises in the Clyde area. Practice attacks were made on HMS Biter (Capt. E.M.C. Abel Smith, RN) which was escorted by HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. E.J. Lee, RN) and HMS La Capricieuse (Lt.Cdr. G.W. Dobson, RNR).

These were followed by exercises in which HMS Skate (Lt.Cdr.(Retd.) A.W. Preston, RN) served as target for HMS Universal. (8)

10 Jun 1944
HMS Upright (Lt. J.A.L. Wilkinson, RN) arrived at Tobermory. During the afternoon A/S exercises were carried out with HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. C.G. Walker, RN) and HMCS St. Thomas (T/A/Lt.Cdr. L.P. Denny, RCNR). (9)

26 Jun 1944
German U-boat U-719 was sunk in the North Atlantic north-west of Ireland, in position 55°33'N, 11°02'E, by depth charges from the British destroyer HMS Bulldog.

9 Aug 1944
HMS Vitality (Lt. K.S. Renshaw, DSC, RNR) conducted A/S exercises in the Clyde area with HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. C.G. Walker, RN). (10)

4 Nov 1944
HrMs O 15 (Lt. R.W. van Lynden, RNN) conducted A/S exercises with HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. C.G. Walker, RN) and HMS Wallflower (T/A/Lt.Cdr. T.D. Bennett, RNR). (11)

22 Nov 1944
HMS Unrivalled (Lt. D.S. Brown, RNVR) conducted a practice attack in the Clyde area on HMS Cyclops (Cdr. B. Bryant, DSO and 2 Bars, DSC, RN) which was escorted by HMS Bulldog (Lt.Cdr. C.G. Walker, RN). (12)

9 May 1945
The surrender of the Channel Islands was signed on board her.

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