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Like Corvettes, the sloop was a slow escort (16 knots) vessel, small and somewhat lightly armed. The main design element of this type of ship was long voyages so they could outperform the corvette in this regard.

They were intended for the Mediterranean and South Pacific service which made them cold and miserable ships in the more hostile North Atlantic. One class, Black Swan, that was designed just before the war, was faster (19 knots) and carried more anti-aircraft armament. Sloops generally carried a large number of depth charges and were very well equipped with sensors making then effective U-boat hunters.

The Royal Navy's escort sloop emphasized range and anti- aircraft protection on a destroyer size hull. Destroyers, by contrast, emphasized high speed, low angle guns, and torpedoes for their fleet screen duties. A sloop achieved half a destroyer's speed on 1/10 the horsepower; but ASDIC was useless at higher speeds, and more economical engines offered greater endurance. Destroyer construction took precedence between the wars because destroyers could undertake convoy escort, but sloops could never effectively screen the battle fleet.

The sloop was favored by perhaps the most famous of all Allied ASW commander was Captain Johnnie Walker, RN. Under his command the sloop HMS Starling became the most successful U-boat killer of all.

All Sloop classes (in service with the Royal Dutch Navy).

 Flores (2)1926 - 1926
 Johan Maurits van Nassau (1)1933 - 1933
 Van Kinsbergen (1)1939 - 1939

3 ship classes.

Please note that we list the classes by navies that initiated/owned the class. Often vessels of certain classes were then built for other nations (or lent), those ships are not visible here but only through the navies pages or by looking into each class.

War losses: Sloops



Royal Navy30 Apr 1940HMS Bittern (L 07)Bittern 
Royal Dutch Navy14 May 1940HNMS Johan Maurits van Nassau (i)Johan Maurits van Nassau 
Royal Navy24 Aug 1940HMS Penzance (L 28)Folkestone 
Royal Navy15 Sep 1940HMS Dundee (L 84)Falmouth 


Royal Navy25 May 1941HMS Grimsby (L 16 / U 16)Grimsby 
Royal Navy24 Jun 1941HMS Auckland (L 61 / U 61)Egret 
Royal Australian Navy27 Nov 1941HMAS Parramatta (L 44 / U 44)Grimsby 


Royal Navy31 Jan 1942HMS Culver (Y 87)Banff 
Royal Australian Navy4 Mar 1942HMAS Yarra (L 77 / U 77)Grimsby 
Royal Indian Navy6 Apr 1942HMIS Indus (L 67 / U 67)Grimsby 
Royal Navy8 Nov 1942HMS Hartland (Y 00)Banff 
Royal Navy8 Nov 1942HMS Walney (Y 04)Banff 
Royal Navy10 Nov 1942HMS Ibis (U 99)Black Swan 


Royal Navy27 Aug 1943HMS Egret (L 75 / U 75)Egret 


Royal Navy27 Feb 1944HMS Woodpecker (U 08)Modified Black Swan 
Royal Navy21 Aug 1944HMS Kite (U 87)Modified Black Swan 


Royal Navy17 Feb 1945HMS Lark (U 11)Modified Black Swan 
Royal Navy20 Mar 1945HMS Lapwing (U 62)Modified Black Swan 

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