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Silent Hunters

by Savas, Theodore P. (editor)
German U-Boat Commanders of WWII
1997, Savas Publishing Company
ISBN 1882810171
Authors include some of the top U-Boat authors working today, including: Tim Mulligan (on Merten), Eric Rust (Guggenberger), Jordan Vause (Oehrn), Gordon T. M. Kelshall (Kapitsky), Dwight Messimer (50-page article on Eck and the trial) and Admiral Erich Topp. Topp's piece is a wonderful, very personal article about his relationship with Endrass, written while he was on patrol just after Endrass' death.

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27In the section about K-F. Merten, the author says that in September, 1940, when he was assigned to U-38 under Liebe, "even before Liebe returned from leave, Merten availed himself of the opportunity to listen to evening conversations of such top U-boat aces as Günther Prien, Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock, and Reinhard Suhren."The above cannot be possible for the following reasons:

Liebe's U-38 belonged to the 2nd Flotilla (based in Lorient). He returned from patrol on 3 Sep, 1940 and set off on his next patrol on 25 Sep, 1940, so his leave, the time period in question, would have occurred between those dates.

Prien (U-47) besides being based at St. Nazaire with the 7th Flotilla, was on patrol from 27 Aug, 1940 to 25 Sep, 1940.

Suhren did not command U-564 until April 1941, so he could not have been considered an ace in 1940. He was on U-48 (also 7th Flotilla) under Schultze, but that boat was on patrol from 8 Sep, 1940 to 25 Sep, 1940.

Willenbrock only took command of his first front boat U-96 on 14 Sep, 1940, and did not depart on his first patrol in that boat until 4 Dec. This boat was also 7th Flotilla (St. Nazaire).

72"Hagenskötter in U-466"The only commander of U-466 was Oberleutnant zur See Gerhard Thäter. Hagenskötter is not listed among the 1411 commissioned U-Boat Commanders in WWII.

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