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North Atlantic Run

by Milner, Marc
The Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle of the Convoys
1985, University of Toronto Press
ISBN 0870214500
A well-researched book on the Royal Canadian Navy's escort operations in the Atlantic, concentrating on the second half of 1942. Covers many famous wolfpacks such as Hecht.

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127I have a hard time comprehending why the Germans (or even Milner) would call the U-boat commanders attacking ON 113 "inexperienced." U-552 (commander by Erich Topp, the No. 3 leading U-boat ace of WWII, was on his final was patrol with that boat) was the one who led the Germans to the convoy. Some of the attacking U-boats included those commanded by Ernst Mengerson (on his 9th war patrol, had previously commanded U-18 & U-101, where he'd won a Knight's Cross) and Ernest Vogelsang, who eventually sank or damaged 11 ships and seemed ticketed for greater things until he was likely killed along with his entire crew in the resultant explosion of an Allied ammunition ship in November, 1942. If anything, Milner's comments show his lack of familiarity with the u-boat side of the battle. -- Jeremy Keys
138U-558 was not sunk by Skeena and Wetaskiwin. It was the U-588.
177Mentions that it was U-522 that reported SC 107, then the following page says it was U-552 who first saw the convoy. Doubtlessly he is referring to U-522, as the one who spotted the convoy first as U-552 was not involved in the SC 107 battle.
180U-132 was able to slip in, sink two ships, and damage a third. You give U-132 credit for sinking three ships The third ship, the British ammunition ship Hatimura, fell back of the convoy and was given the coup-de-grace by the U-442. In U-boat sinking compilation, credit for ships sunk goes to the one who put the torpedo that sent the ship to the bottom. In this case, U-442 benefited from U-132. However you could strengthen the score for Lt-Cdr Piers and the C4 escort group as U-132 was never heard from again after she torpedoed Hatimura - it is now thought she was struck by debris from the ammo ship Hatimura and sank with all hands. Technically she was sunk in the SC 107 battle.

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