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Hitler's U-boat War, Vol II

by Blair, Clay
The Hunted, 1942-1945
1998, Random House
ISBN 0679457429
Hardcover, 820 pages, 72 b&w photos, extensive bibliography
This concludes his controversial and massive 2-volume set. See our review for this volume.

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0On the second page of the first section of photos. Typo: "Admiral Hans-Georg von Friedeberg...,shown here signing surrender papers in Berlin.""Von Friedeburg". During most of the book he is referred to by his right name.
0Otto-Heinrich Junker.Commander´s name is Ottoheinrich Junker.
36Blair gives U-407 (Brüller) credit for indirectly sinking the light British antiaircraft cruiser HMS Curacao [really Curacoa] on 1 Oct, 1942 while she was escorting the liner Queen Mary. The boat did in fact fire 4 torpedoes but they missed and were not seen by the allies.In fact the cruiser was cut in two by Queen Mary on Oct 2 some 650 miles away from the attack by U-407 the previous day.
36Blair talks about the anti-aircraft light cruiser HMS Curacao.Her real name was HMS Curacoa, there has never been a "Curacao" in the Royal Navy.
68"...the senior surviving line officer, the second watch officer Wilhelm Pohl..."In fact, the leading surviving officer was 1WO Leutnant zur See Helmut Kandzior; though himself severely injured he took over temporary command from Cremer. The 2WO had been killed by gunfire from HMS Crocus. Oswald Pohl was the LI of U-333.
68"En route, Pohl buried the first watch officer..."It must have been hard, for Leutnant Kandzior was still alive though severely injured.
68"The commander of U-459, Georg von Wilamowitz-Möllendorf, gave U-333 one of his officers, a qualified U-boat skipper, Lorenz Kasch..."Kasch, in fact, was transferred from Gehlhaus' U-107 to the U-333 where he had been on sea trg. U-107 met up with the U-333 before the latter met with Milk Cow U-459.
68"However, he was able to save Cremer´s life and that of the second watch officer, Pohl, as well."The 2WO had been killed, and Pohl was the LI.
69"...Kottmann was serving on the Admiral Graf Spee in 1940 when she was scuttled..."The Admiral Graf Spee was scuttled in December, 1939.
86When talking about the loss of U-559 (Kptlt. Heidtmann) in the eastern Mediterranean on 30 Oct, 1942 he says "... Heidtmann was not among the survivors". He also puts the crew of the boat at 48 men.Kptlt. Heidtmann did indeed survive and was kept in allied captivity until May 1947, among the last to be released. The crew was 45 men strong, 38 survived.
127Wolfpack 'Bueffel' translated as Sideboard."Büffel" would be translated as "Buffalo" in english.
169Typo: Talking about the FdU, in footnote "From February 1943, nominally Admiral Friedeberg..."Admiral in reference of course Hans-Georg von Friedeburg.
194It is stated that the U-437 on 13. April was ordered....... On 13. April the U-437 was in St. Nazaire, between the 5. and 6. patrols.I do not know the exact date
518On April 19 the Norwegian submarine ULA, commanded by R.M. Sars sank U-974.The name of the commander was Lt. Sigurd Valvatne.
621In a footnote Blair states that "... guerrillas ambushed an auto convoy and killed the skipper of U-188, Siegfried Lüdden on his way to Berlin ...". He gives no date for this event, presumably this was to have happened in the fall of 1944.Kptlt. Siegfried Lüdden died in a fire on the accommodation ship Daressalam at Kiel on 13 Jan, 1945.
636Belgian troopship Leopoldville under British charter was hit by a U-boat. Leopoldville's Belgian crew prematurely abandoned ship. Blair the refers to this as a 'little known scandalous episode in BRITISH naval history'. Since the ship was Belgian owned and operated this should have been "scandalous episode in belgian naval history".

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