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U-Boat War

by Kutta, Timothy J.
1998, Squadron/Signal Publications
ISBN 0897473957
Paperback, 64 pages
A general overview of the U-boat war plagued by many silly mistakes. See review.

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1313:Central photo of a WWI german u-boat is presented as U-35 a type VIIA U-Boat 14:U-81 in the photo is presented U-8 29:Again a illustration of a strange german u-boat is presented as U-35 "a type VIIA U-boat" Backcover: U505 appears in the illustration with her number painted in the conning tower. Maybe correct but the caption reads: "(Above)U-505 a type VIIC(sic) U-boat,cruises on the surface shortly BEFORE her capture..." 13:no comments 14:no comments 29:the hull is of a type VIIA u-boat, but the conning tower is of a WWI german u-boat Backcover: a)U505 was type IXC b)no u-boats had her number painted in during wartime. After captured the americans painted her number in the conning tower.
15U-29 sank the British aircraft carrier HMS Courageous on 17 Sept, 1940.But in reality this was one year earlier, 17 Sept, 1939.
16Caption text: ".. U-102 left Lorient on its last patrol ..."This was in fact her only patrol.
23"the crew of U-116, a Type IXB boat ...".She was of course a type XB, a very different boat.
30U-751 is said be a "type VIIIC boat".She was of type VIIC.
33U-103 is said to have been lost in January 1944.See her real fate here.
33U-40 "survived 67 months of active service before being lost in October 1944".She was lost after roughly one-month of active combat on 13 Oct, 1939.
34U-172 is shown using its 88mm deck gun.Her real deck gun was of course 105mm.
49U-614 is said to have been blown up in drydock at St. Nazaire on 29 July, 1943.Check her real fate here.
57Here are numerous references to how the XXI and XXIII Elektro boats joined in on the attack on the British Isles in February 1945. Not only that but U-2511 under Korvkpt. Adalbert Schnee is reported to have "scored well during the patrol sinking 10 merchant ships totalling 45,000 tons".Only 2 XXI boats left for patrol, both in the last few days of war with no successes scored since they did not reach their operational areas.
57Kutta states that at the end of the war U-boats had sunk no less than 4600 merchant ships for a total of 21 million tons.If this had been true the U-boats might have won. However, U-boats "only" sank around 2,900 ships with for a total of 14.2 million tons with another 300 ships damaged. The former figure seems to be the total figure of lost shipping to all causes in the war.
57U-2513 is claimed to be a type IXD boat.She was of course a Type XXI boat.
61U-711 is reported to have attacked the Russian battleship Arkhangelsk (ex. British HMS Royal Sovereign) during the fall of 1941.This attack occured 3 years later, on 23 August, 1944. U-711 had not even been commissioned during the fall of 1941.
66On the back cover the U-505 is reported to be a type VIIC boat. Not only that but she is seen "before her capture" proudly displaying "U-505" on its conning tower.She was of course a type IXC - a much bigger boat. And no U-boat in action ever displayed its numbers - for obvious intelligence reasons.

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