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World War II Lend-Lease U.S. Coast Guard Cutters to England, Lake Class

By Borchers, Duane D., Sr.
The Maryland Silver Co.
Paperback, 84 pages

Descripton: The history of the successful U.S. Coast Guard Lake class cutters. From their early history, the scientific voyage of Chelan to Siberia, the transfer to England under Lend-Lease and post war exploits. Ships of class: Cutters Cayuga, Champlain, Chelan, Itasca, Mendota, Pontchartrain, Saranac, Sebago, Shoshone, Tahoe, HMS Banff, HMS Culver, HMS Fishguard, HMS Gorleston, HMS Hartland, HMS Landguard, HMS Lulworth, HMS Sennen, HMS Totlandand HMS Walney. This book can be ordered here.