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The Shame of Savo

Anatomy of a Naval Disaster

By Loxton, Bruce with Coulthard-Clark, Chris
1997, Allen & Unwin
ISBN 1557508380
Paperback, 320 pages, 14 maps, b&w photos

Descripton: This book covers the tragedy that became known as the Battle of Savo Island. HMAS Canberra was sunk without firing a shot, and scuttled without an attempt being made to save her. The Japanese force responsible escaped virtually unscathed. How did the Japanese gain the element of surprise, where was the Allied air cover and why did the aircraft carriers depart so quickly? Personalities of the Australian, US and Japanese commanders, capabilities, training, confused communications, and a complete misunderstanding of Japanese capabilities in night naval operations all played a part. Well researched book from one of the crew on the bridge of Canberra on that fateful night.

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