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Ship That Won the War

By Elphick, Peter
2001, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557505357
Hardcover, 512 pages

Descripton: This stirring tribute tells the complete story of the renowned Liberty ships, from their design concept and production through their war service and post war careers. Designed for speed and ease of production, Liberty ships were turned out at American shipyards so rapidly that the Allies were able to replace thousands of ships lost to U-boats and keep the vital transatlantic supply routes open. Filled with firsthand accounts, the book brings to life the amazing industrial effort and sacrifice and heroism of the men who sailed the ships in every theater of the war. The construction of the Robert E. Perry in a record-breaking five days and ongoing efforts to preserve the last surviving ships are just two of the many stories illuminating this overlooked part of World War II. Essential reading for historians and naval enthusiasts, this book is a fascinating account of one of the great achievements in maritime history.

From the review: This is a very thick, very detailed book covering every aspect of the Liberty Ship, from the wartime situation that led to the necessity to build it, to its technological specifications, the procedures used in its construction, and the politicians, e ...
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