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Samotni wojownicy

By Benedyczak, Waldemar
(Lone Warriors)
1995, Wydawnictwo Lampart
ISBN 8390255499
Paperback, 232 pages, numerous maps, diagrams and photos, some previously unpublished
book is in Polish language

Descripton: Miniature submarines and manned torpedoes of World War II, technical and technological development with operational history of Italian, British, Japanese and German combat submersibles and frogmen. Includes a chapter on highly-publicized but fortunately never employed Polish 1939 "human torpedoes".

Miniaturowe okrety podwodne i "zywe torpedy", rozwój techniczny i historia operacyjna dzialan wloskich, angielskich, japonskich i niemieckich lekkich sil podwodnych. Historia niedoszlych polskich "zywych torped".