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Mala flota bez mitow

By Borowiak, Mariusz
(Little Navy Without Myths)
1999, Gdañski Dom Wydawniczy Gdansk
ISBN 8390962225
Hardcover, 536 pages, 143 b&w photos, no maps
book is in Polish language

Descripton: An de-mythologized history of the World War II Polish Navy (the title comes from the classical history of the Polish Navy in WWII by Pertek, the Wielkie dni ma³ej floty, or Great Days of the Little Navy), exploring some enduring fairy tales. Includes submarine stories: treason of Orzel’s CO Kloczkowski, Polish subs interned in Sweden, did Romanowski really ram U-102?, Lt.Cmdr. Krawczyk (Wilk’s CO)suicide, real successes of the Sokol in the Mediterranean, and the sinking of the Jastrzab by the Allies.