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Boot, Das

El submarino alemán a través de la Historia y el diorama

By Andrea Miniatures
(Das Boot: The German U-Boat in History and Diorama))
2002, Andrea Miniatures
Hardcover , 136 full color pages
book is in Spanish language

Descripton: An all new, full color book that includes: 136 full color pages; 350 images including rare, historical photographs; 80 illustrations; historical profiles of WWI and WWII German U-boats; biographies, war records and insignia of the top U-boat aces; type VIIC cutaway showing the internal details from stem to stern; type VIIC plans; full color U-boat profiles and camouflage patterns; pictorial report of surviving U-boats; how the massive diorama of U-201 sitting in a drydock at Brest was made.