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Na pokladzie S-56

By Szczedrin, Grigori
(On Board of S-56)
1967, Wydawnictwo MON Warszawa
Paperback, 369 pages, no illustrations
book is in Polish language

Descripton: Memoirs of the wartime CO of the Soviet "Guards Submarine" S-56, built in 1941 for the Soviet Pacific Fleet, later to take part in famous world circumvention dislocation of the Soviet subs from Vladivostok through Panama Canal and British ports to the Arctic Ocean. Unfortunately, this magnificent feat is put off with a mere few pages, while the heroic feats in arctic seas, amounting to small subchasers and steamers, all described as "big transports" and "fleet destroyers" are sung in unbearable detail. The S-56 is now a monument in Vladivostok, being the only Soviet S-Class survivor.