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Operacja Worek

By Damski, Zbigniew
(Operation Worek)
1979, Wydawnictwo MON Warszawa
ISBN 831106329X
Paperback, 136 pages, no illustrations
book is in Polish language

Descripton: History of Polish submarines in the September 1939 campaign against Nazi Germany, plans for defensive operation "Worek" (meaning "Sack" or "Bag" in English) and the reality – uphill struggle against superior surface and air ASW forces. Five Polish subs bagged no German ships sunk, but managed to survive and go to internment in Sweden (three) or to fight their way to Britain (two).

Historia dzialan polskich okretow podwodnych na Baltyku w roku 1939. Miejscami niepotrzebnie beletryzowana, ale czyta sie ciekawie – co u tego autora nie jest niestety regula.