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Uhka Lannesta

By Tapani Mattila
(Threat From West)
1997, Suomi merella-saatio
book is in Finnish language

Descripton: The first half of the book tells about the 19th century national Finnish Navy, Suomen Meriekipaasi, especially how it defended the coast and Fort Sveaborg during the 1853-1856 war. The rest of the book is a detailed, year-by-year history of World War I in the Baltic Sea. This contains a lot of information on U-boat operations, including greatest successes, such as the sinking of the large minelayer Ladoga (500 sea mines). There are excellent and rare photos, including German, Russian and British submarines. One short chapter tells about the clandestine repatriation of small groups of Finnish freedom fighters onboard German U-boats in 1916-17. Excellent book, worth reading. The author has written other books about 17th and 18th century sea wars in Finland.