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Graveyards of the Pacific

From Pearl Harbor to Bikini Island

By Ballard, Robert D.
2001, National Geographic Society
ISBN 0792263669

Descripton: To be published in the 60th anniversary year of the infamous bombing of Pearl Harbor, Graveyards of the Pacific is Dr. Robert Ballard's compelling survey of the major WWII Pacific battlefields and graveyards including Midway, Guadalcanal, and Truk Lagoon. This authoritative overview of the Pacific war begins with a thrilling account of Ballard's search for an elusive midget sub sunk just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and ends with the American Nuclear tests on Bikini Island, where captured German and Japanese craft were scuttled. Featuring rare archival photographs, firsthand accounts of Ballard's explorations and the stories of survivors and eyewitnesses to the Pacific conflicts (gathered by National Geographic over the last year for this project), Graveyards of the Pacific is unique in the thoroughness of its coverage of the Pacific war. In this lavishly illustrated and definitive book, Ballard, a pioneering marine scientist and explorer best known for his discovery of the Titanic, has succeeded in recreating a defining period in American history.

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