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Historias secretas de la ultima guerra

By Several (Grenfell, Lord, Willis, Winslow, Coster, Beach, Fuchida, Gallery, Muller, Littell, Yoshida, Kent, etc)
(Secret stories from the last war)
1960, Selecciones del ReaderĀ“s Digest Iberia SA, Madrid
Hardcover, 487 pages, 23 photos, 8 maps
book is in Spanish language

Descripton: A collection of short stories, some of them recounted by their protagonists, about extraordinary events of World War II.It includes, "The hunt for the Bismarck", "Torpedo" (by Edward L. Beach), "Board!" (the capture of the U-505)by D. V. Gallery), "The end of the Bismarck", "The feats of the corsair Atlantis".