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Second U-boat Flotilla

By Paterson, Lawrence
2002, Pen & Sword Books / Leo Cooper
ISBN 0850529174
Hardcover, 224 pages, 34 b&w photos

Descripton: Fritz-Julius Lemp's tragic sinking of the Athenia in a Second U-Boat Flotilla boat opened Germany's U-boat war against England. The following six years of bitter combat found the flotilla at the forefront of distant operations. Leading the attack, Legendary commanders such as Albrecht Achilles, Werner Hartenstein and Reinhard Hardegen littered the Atlantic and Indian Oceans with the twisted steel of sunken ships. Drawn extensively from various war diaries and veterans' personal reminiscences, the Second U-Boat Flotilla describes the tumultuous fortunes of the most successful unit of Karl Donitz's Grey Wolves.

From the review: Readers of Lawrence Paterson's First U-Boat Flotilla will welcome this next in the series. Following the format of the previous book, the complete operational history of the flotilla is presented based on the unit's War D ...
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