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Los corsarios submarinos

By Thomas, Lowell
(Raiders of the Deep)
1932, Ediciones y Publicaciones IBERIA
Hardcover, 90 pages, 66 photos
book is in Spanish language

Descripton: Mr. Thomas wrote this book in the early 1920s, traveling to Germany to interview many of the U-boat skippers and crews from the Kaiser's U-boat fleet. It's written in a "Boys Own" style and conveys a real sense of excitement and adventure with every page. There are stories of surface gun battles with Q ships, the campaigns against the U.S. east coast in 1918, the sinking of several British battleships off Gallipoli, the hair-raising exploits of the Flanders Flotilla, and many more stories of torpedo malfunctions and unbelievably lucky escapes, e.g., "the torpedo that jumped over a boat."

Operaciones de submarinos alemanes en la Gran Guerra. Relatos de grandes comandantes como Hersing, Arnauld de la Perriere, Hashagen, Kophamel, etc.

- This book has been translated from another language.