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Why the Allies Won

By Overy, Richard
1997, W W Norton & Co
ISBN 039331619X
Paperback, 428 pages, reprint from 1995. 31 photos, 11 maps

Descripton: This book devotes a chapter to each of the decisive military campaigns of the war. One is entitled "The Battle for the Seas" and deals mostly with the Battle of the Atlantic. Elsewhere, the chapters "Economies at War" and "Technology" both mention the U-boat.
"As Richard Overy makes clear, the Allied victory in 1945 - though comprehensive - was far from inevitable. By 1942 almost the entire resources of continental Europe were in German hands and Japan had wiped out the western colonial presence in Asia. Democracy seemed to have had its day."

From the review: This excellent book provides an analysis of the factors that led to the Allies' victory in World War II. Four "zones of conflict" are discussed, among them the war at sea, including the Battle of the Atlantic. In addition, four "themes" are explore ...
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